ALSO KNOWN AS A.K.A is a Horticultural Design and maintenance services company. We specialize in commercial, residential, staging and event build outs. We curate every detail based on the client's unique site conditions, desired maintenance routines, and aesthetic aspirations. Our ethos is to bring nature, horticultural education and Biophilic Design to the spaces, people, and companies that make up New York City. 

Particularly in cities where nature is scarce, A.K.A not only focuses on the plant curation but nature driven design elements to enhance the overall lived experience of your indoor or outdoor space. Designing a personalized aesthetic grounded in your unique site and conditions,  A.K.A has all your plant needs covered from general consultations to maintenance programs where our Horticultural Designers service and tend to all aspects of your plants so you don't have to. 

We source from New York and New Jersey nurseries, independent growers and local plant shops to bring you the healthiest and most interesting plants possible.

At A.K.A the vessels, planters, and containers we build or source to bring your plant design to life are just as important as the plants are. We create custom commissions, work with independent artists, and most importantly, think outside the box with our designs. 

Based in New York City, Atafeh Karimi has worked in the design and music sectors for over a decade. Rooted in her passion for nature, design, and community, A.K.A creates verdant breathing environments, consciously curated with you in mind.